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Michael Coutermarsh
General Manager
(802) 428-4558 ex. 7020

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have Michael here to work for you! He has 12 years experience as a Commercial and Fleet product specialist and has worked as our sales manager until being promoted to General Sales Manager.

Michael has lived in the Connecticut River Valley his entire life and is now living in Springfield with his longtime partner Kimberly and their 4 children - Alexis, Logan, Jackson and Wyatt,

Michael is a huge fan of Boston sports teams!

He loves helping people through the process of buying a new vehicle. He tries to make if fun and stress free! It is a culmination of a lot of hard work! It should be celebrated!

Michael has been lucky enough to help many businesses in the Valley find the vehicles they need to help grow their business and make them run more efficiently!

Sarah Reynolds
Sales Manager
(802) 428-4558 ex. 7003

John Hebert
Finance Manager
(802) 428-4558 ex. 7016

John has now been with us for just over 2 years and has proven himself to be an integral part of our success. He has been in the automotive business for 12 years. John grew up in Anchorage, Alaska and received a pilot's license before he had a driver's license!! John is married, has 4 kids and 2 German Shepherds.

Tyler Ruby
Service Manager
(802) 779-9142 ex. 7025

My name is Tyler and I have been in the Automotive business for almost 10 years now. I work in our service department as an Advisor and Warranty Admin. Born and raised in VT. I love spending time with my Fiancé and Step Daughter. We enjoy trips to Maine and Boston. I also love riding my motorcycle and spending time outdoors with our two dogs. 

Roger Smith
Parts Manager
(802) 428-4558 ex. 7006

Roger is proud to have two children and three grandchildren. A 29 year old son Gunnar and 20 year old daughter Emily. His two grandsons are Loki, 9, and Desmond, 4, and his granddaughter Isabelle is 7.

He was born and lives in the Upper Valley. He has worked in parts since 2001 for various manufacturers. Starting as a parts delivery driver/shipper & receiver. 



Christal Spencer
Sales and Leasing Consultant
(802) 428-4558 ex. 7017

Jesse Leavitt
Sales and Leasing Consultant
(802) 428-4558 ex. 7011

Lea-Ann Tacy Bartlett
Sales and Leasing Consultant
(802) 428-4558 ex. 7014



Adam Lynds
Parts Associate
(802) 428-4558 ex. 7007


Service Department

Ben Conneman
Service Writer

Many of you know Ben from the wonderful work he has done in our service department. Now he has decided to move to the front of the building and try his hand at sales. We couldn't be happier to have him and we are sure that he will continue to give our customers the same great service that he always has!

George Emanuel
Service Writer
(802) 779-9142 ex. 7004

Tyler Fellows
Shop Foreman

Nic Willy
Service Technician

Cordell Benjamin
Service Technician

Steve Becker
Service Technician

Reb Bates
Service Technician

Keenan Reilly
Service Technician

Patrick Jackman
Service Technician


Suppport Staff

Zack Mardin
Lot Attendant